Follow Palermo – Montecarlo regatta

Just before final preparations for Mini Transat, Uroš Kraševac will join Ivica Kostelic onboard his Class40 to race the Palermo – Montecarlo regatta. The start is on the 22nd of August. Joining them as OBR is also Vid Slapničar to bring you as close as possible to the action.

The Palermo-Montecarlo is one of the most important and renowned offshore regattas of the Mediterranean Sea, it is part of numerous international circuits, including the Italian Offshore Championship organized by the Italian Sailing Federation, the Mediterranean Trofeo d’Altura and the Owner of the Year Trophy for the UVAI, and it’s also part of the Championnat et Trophees Inshore et Offshore Mediterranee en Equipages-IRC.

The record of the regatta still belongs to the Maxi Esimit Europa 2, owned by Igor Simcic [SLO], the protagonist of several editions, with 47 hours, 46 minutes and 48 seconds.

Below is the video Ivica made in the 2019 edition.


26. 08. 2023 12:00

We sailed our 496 miles of Palermo – Montecarlo regatta and finished second in our class! Our ACI 40 Optimus Prime gave us an incredible experience of offshore sailing. Well done, boat.

Thank you, Ivica Kostelic, for inviting us, and thanks to REAL Turmat, Robline, Optika Oman, Mega Mobil and DFG Consulting for your support.

25. 08. 2023 12:00

The race continues, and so do the ups and downs. We have been dealing with problems we can solve and problems that just require patience. Thanks to Robline Uroš managed to solve one of the former.

24. 08. 2023 12:00

Second day still marked by low and medium winds that keep us busy searching for more. Lots of manouvers and stacking the weight below deck to squeeze every knot of speed and keep moving towards strait of Bonifacio. 

23. 08. 2023 12:00

The start of the Palermo – Montecarlo regatta went great for the team on ACI 40. But it is only a start.

22. 08. 2023 14:15

After two general recall starts Uroš pulled another of his signature laser takeoffs and put the ACI 40 (the name of our Class40 sailboat) in the lead of the Class40 and ORC 1 group. Wind is now stable and allows us to speed through the waves at more than 7 knots.

Ivica Kostelic

22. 08. 2023 12:40

Another failed start now due to too many boats over the line. Third start expected in 10 min.

22. 08. 2023 12:20

Start aborted and postponed due to lack of wind. On standby till further notice. New start expected in 15-20 min.

21. 08. 2023 23:00

On the day before the race, we had some things to take care of, but now we are ready. Jure, the meteo guru, says it is going to be a slow and hot race. As much as we thrust him, we hope he is wrong.

The course of the regatta goes from the Gulf of Mondello to Monaco, with an obligatory fly-through gate at Porto Cervo at the Bonifacio straight between Corsica and Sardinia. There is a decision to be made at that point to sail around Corsica on the eastern or western shore. The route of Palermo-Montecarlo is a mix of techniques and tactics that has no equal. Five hundred miles have tested the flower of champions of the sail over the years, giving, with each edition, surprises and emotions.

Are you ready to sail it with us?